Bagwell College of Education

Removal from a Field or Clinical Experience

A teacher candidate may be removed from a field or clinical experience when any of the following occurs:

  1. The appropriate school authority states that the teacher candidate’s presence in the classroom is not in the best interest of the public school’s students and/or requests that the teacher candidate be removed;
  2. The joint decision of the appropriate teacher education program coordinator and department chair in consultation with the Director of Clinical Experiences, Placements and Partnerships (CEPP), field experience coordinator, supervising collaborating teacher, and/or university supervisor states that the circumstances are such as to prevent either the development and/or maintenance of a satisfactory learning environment;
  3.  Unprofessional/unethical behavior has been exhibited by the teacher candidate;
  4. A decision has been reached that the teacher candidate cannot receive a satisfactory grade.
  5. The candidate does not have an issued Pre-Service Certificate.
  6. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) suspends or revokes the Pre-Service Certification.