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Candidate Instrument

PTEU Unit Level Instruments

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TOSS Instruments

Student Teaching Instruments

MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) Instruments (ART, BIO, CHEM, ENG, MATH, PHYS)

MED Master’s Program Instruments (ECE, AE, SPED, TESOL) MAT (TESOL)

Advanced Program Proficiencies
Masters Candidate Performance Instrument
Masters Impact on Student Learning Assignment
Masters Portfolio Narrative Rubric

Educational Leadership Program Instruments MED

EDL Program Proficiencies
EDL Candidate Performance Instrument
EDL Impact on Student Learning Analysis (Rubric)
EDL Portfolio Narrative Rubric

Instructional Technology Instruments MED

ITEC Program Proficiencies
ITEC Candidate Performance Instrument
ITEC Impact on Student Learning
ITEC Portfolio Narrative Rubric