Bagwell College of Education

Early Release from YCE II

Teacher Candidates cannot be released from YCE II more than seven days prior to the last scheduled day of YCE II to begin employment without compromising standards, state regulations, or coursework. However, early release is not guaranteed. Program areas may opt not to grant early release. Candidates cannot be released until all scheduled coursework has been completed. In no case will a candidate be released earlier than seven days prior to the last scheduled day of YCE II. Early release is granted on a case-by-case basis, depending on a candidate’s readiness to teach. KSU reports to the GaPSC that all candidates completing Teacher Education programs have had a full year-long clinical experience. Therefore, we cannot recommend certification for a candidate who has been released earlier than seven days or candidates who are not yet prepared to be released. Please note that all early release requests must be approved by the KSU CEPP Director, Program Coordinator, and Department Chair prior to any commitments being made to schools. To request early release, candidates must follow the following steps:

  1. The candidate receives an offer of employment from the Human Resources Department of the School System.
  2. The candidate emails the Director of CEPP to verify his/her eligibility for early release.
  3. Once verified, the Director of CEPP emails an early release form to the candidate. 
  4. The candidate secures signatures from appropriate B-12 school personnel and submits the employment offer and the signed form to the Director of CEPP.
  5. The CEPP Director obtains the signature of the candidate’s Program Coordinator, Field Supervisor, and Department Chair.
  6. The CEPP Director notifies the candidate of the final decision and also notifies the school system of the approval (or disapproval) of the request and files the form.