Educator Preparation Curriculum Council


Educator Preparation Curriculum Council (EPCC) Assigned to the Faculty Senate and advisory to the Dean of Bagwell College of Education


The Educator Preparation Curriculum Council is the equivalent of a college curriculum committee for all professional teacher education degrees and endorsement programs at KSU. The EPCC is a standing university-wide governance committee, established to represent the entire Educator Preparation Program (EPP) in curricular and policy matters affecting these programs. Recommendations are forwarded to the UPCC or GPCC as appropriate. The EPP includes any faculty member at KSU who identifies with or wants to contribute to teacher preparation and formally joins one or more of the professional teacher education program groups (e.g., elementary, middle grades, secondary, P-12).


Membership on the EPCC is representative of all degree programs, several significant academic support functions, candidates at the basic and advanced levels, and the world of practice:

The EPCC is comprised of the following:

  1. One member representing each department (EECE 1, SMGE 1, INED 1, ITEC 1, EDL 1)
  2. One faculty or staff member from each of the academic support units (CEPP 1, ESS 1)
  3. One faculty member to represent Collaborative Graduate Programs across the EPP
  4. One member as appointed by the Dean of the BCOE
  5. One faculty member from each EPP college outside of the BCOE (4 total)
  6. Ex-Officio (non-voting members): EPP deans, EPP department chairs


All meetings are from 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m in a location that will be announced to committee members and to those presenting proposals.