International Field Experiences

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International Field Experiences

"Student Teaching Abroad has changed my life. I recommend it to all teacher candidates." Uganda student teacher - Spring 2014

"My experience abroad is probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life. My mind and my heart have completely opened and I feel that I have grown professionally and personally, so much in so little time. It's indescribable." China student teacher - Fall 2013

"Student teaching in Uganda has been a gift that keeps on giving to me personally and professionally. " Uganda student teacher - Spring 2013

“This has been a wonderful experience from which I have made memories that will last a lifetime. I have also gained insight that will benefit me in my teaching career!" Costa Rica student teacher - Spring 2013

"Student teaching abroad has expanded my search for a teaching position around the world." Costa Rica student teacher - Fall 2012

"After only a short time, it is fitting in every sense to call Costa Rica home." Costa Rica student teacher - Spring 2012

"My global experience has shown me how much importance other countries place on being bilingual." Ecuador student teacher - Fall 2011

"Teaching in the international classroom at Colegio Menor and experiencing the culture of Ecuador has given me a more global world view." Ecuador student teacher - Spring 2011

"Costa Rica has yet to stop amazing me with its culture, beauty, and people." Costa Rica student teacher - Fall 2010

"My service project, teaching in the Maya school in the village of Jalacte, Belize, was an enlightening experience that changed my life." Belize student teacher - Spring 2010

"I will return to the states a changed man and a more globally minded educator." Ecuador student teacher - Spring 2010

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