Bagwell Scholars & Faculty Honored


Every year, faculty in Bagwell College of Education select one outstanding student from each degree program based on distinguished achievements in the major field – including having earned an exceptional GPA – as well as notable achievements in extracurricular, civic, or professional activities. Students who receive this honor recognize a faculty member who was important to their educational experience in the program.

The 2015 Bagwell Honors Celebration was held on May 4th in the atrium of the new Education Building, and the following students and faculty were honored.

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership
Deborah D. Davis
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Mary Chandler

Doctor of Education in Elementary and Early Childhood
Dr. Kristy A. Brown
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Corrie Theriault

Doctor of Education in Instructional Technology
Dr. Daniel A. Gagnon
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Anissa Vega

Education Specialist in Educational Leadership
Damian Kavanagh
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Susan Banke

Education Specialist in Instructional Technology
Monika T. Davis
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Jo Williamson

Education Specialist in Middle Grades Education
DeAnne Young
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Mei-Lin Chang

Education Specialist in Secondary Education
W. Kyle Jones
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Jennifer Dail

Education Specialist in Teacher Leadership
Edwidge Nicolas Thomas
Faculty Honoree: Ms. Jordan Cameron

Master of Education in Early Childhood Education
Bobby Hiroshi Jones
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Lee Woodham Digiovanni Langub

Master of Education in Instructional Technology
Christian Stephenson
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Anissa Vega

Master of Education in Middle Grades Education
Cameron C. Smith
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Jennifer Frisch

Master of Education in Secondary Education
Jill H. Hendon
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Laura McGrath

Master of Education in TESOL
Lesley Colon

Faculty Honoree: Dr. Karen Kuhel

Master of Arts in Teaching
Seiko M. Onuki
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Linda Shuford Evans

Outstanding Senior Awards

Elementary & Early Childhood Education
Morgan Abbygail Gordon
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Anita VanBrackle

Early Childhood Education Birth to Age 5
Sharon Kay McCoy
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Douglas Bell

Middle Grades Education
Eli Rollman
Faculty Honoree: Dr. Kim Loomis

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