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BCOE Director of Global Engagement Honored


Dr. Sandra Bryan, a tireless champion of international programs, is leaving a legacy as she retires from Kennesaw State University. With the approval of President Dan Papp and Provost Ken Harmon, the KSU Global Learning and Innovative Grant program, from this point forward, will be known as the Dr. Sandra Bryan Global Learning and Innovative Grant.  The announcement was made at the 2014 Global Engagement Certification Ceremony May 12th by Dr. Lance Askildson, Executive Director of the KSU Institute for Global Initiatives.  The grant supports innovative international programs that impact student learning, improvement in the academic rigor and outcomes of education abroad programs, and the development of internationally focused instructional materials, coursework and/or degree programs.  

Dr. Bryan came to KSU in 2003 and has overseen the recruitment and service of teacher candidates who complete their field experiences abroad.  Dr. Bryan has placed approximately 300 candidates in South Korea, China, Ecuador, Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico and Uganda to satisfy their student teaching requirement. Since the inception of the Global Engagement Certification program in 2009, 178 candidates from Bagwell College of Education have achieved this certification.

Bryan ‘s leadership role in growing the BCOE study abroad program is Impacting Lives across the globe as several graduates have been hired by their host schools in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Uganda.  “Our teachers are going to be teaching in diverse classrooms wherever they go,” Bryan said. “Through this program, we are developing culturally responsible teachers who have a passion for giving all children the opportunity to learn.” Dr. Bryan’s passion for global education has stirred life-changing experiences in the hearts and careers of hundreds of students and faculty.  

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