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Father and Son Share Commencement Ceremony


Greg Doss and his son Gage Doss made history when they graduated from Kennesaw State University together on May 13, 2014.   Both Cartersville residents received graduate diplomas and that’s the way Greg, 53, a Sprayberry High School teacher of engineering, drawing and design, engineered it. “I was determined to get our early in order for my son and I to graduate together,” Greg explained. “I was a little bit ahead, by a semester, from my cohort.” 

A couple of years ago, he had encouraged Gage, who had received his Bachelor of Science in mathematics education from Berry College, to enter KSU for graduate studies. Gage provided the heavy number crunching for his dad’s dissertation and was happy to lend his dad a hand. “I helped with the analysis in his dissertation,” said Gage. “It took us a while to get a handle on the ‘how to’ part of the study, but after we figured it out, it was pretty easy.” Greg added, “And my dissertation was the source for his practicum. He had to use live data for his final project, which my research provided him with.”

By accelerating his courses, Greg also became the first doctoral student in the Bagwell College of Education to receive his degree in the educational leadership concentration of the educational doctorate (Ed.D.) in leadership for learning.  A triple-threat alumnus with undergraduate, specialist and master’s degrees from KSU, Greg also has earned three other college degrees.
After graduating with a master’s of science with a concentration in applied statistics, 24-year-old Gage has his sights set on a career as an actuary, corporate analyst or consultant. But the odds are pretty good he, like his father, may pursue a doctoral degree in the future.

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