KSU joins 100Kin10 to graduate more STEM teachers


Partnership has goal of 100,000 science, technology, engineering and math teachers by 2021

KENNESAW, Ga. (March 8, 2016) — Kennesaw State University is partnering with 100Kin10, a nationwide network coordinating and accelerating efforts to bring 100,000 new science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) teachers into schools by 2021.

“The 100Kin10 organization has evolved into being recognized as the ‘village’ that strives to address the shortcomings of the quantity of qualified K-12 STEM teachers across the nation,” said Adrian Epps, associate dean in the College of Science and Mathematics. “KSU is one of many silos that have put a lot of effort into increasing the quantity of STEM teachers. However, 100Kin10 is striving to bring these silos into one village with the optimal goal of meeting the nations STEM teacher needs.”

As 100Kin10 partners, Kennesaw State teacher educators have set the goal to graduate 330 new middle or secondary mathematics or science teachers by 2021, representing an average of 80 new STEM teachers per year for five years. This is a marked increase from the university’s current average.

“KSU offers aspiring STEM teachers reform-based, experiential teacher education in collaboration with school district partners,” said Michael Dias, OwlTeach co-director.

Desha Williams, project director for the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship at KSU, commended KSU’s commitment to preparing STEM teachers to serve diverse populations.

“KSU STEM Teacher Education is well positioned to partner with 100kin10 for ‘increased supply’ of effective STEM teachers,” said Williams. “We believe that we can provide input into the national dialogue regarding STEM teacher preparation as well as benefit from the knowledge of others.”

Kennesaw State University is one of 49 new partners join a network of more than 280 of the country’s top businesses, nonprofits, foundations and academic institutions to help achieve the goal of 100,000 excellent STEM teachers by 2021.

“It is critical there be cross-sector collaboration to prepare today’s students to be the leaders of tomorrow,” said 100Kin10 Executive Director Talia Milgrom-Elcott. “We are excited for the many ways Kennesaw State University will contribute to our shared mission of getting more and better STEM teachers into American classrooms.”

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