Dr. Abellán published a chapter in Youth Community Inquiry


Dr. Iván M. Jorrín Abellán recently published a chapter in Youth Community Inquiry: New Media for Community and Personal Growth. His chapter is about how to evaluate a particular ubiquitous social learning scenario by using the CSCL-EREM Model.


Book synopsis:

Youth Community Inquiry offers a detailed look at how young people use new media to help their communities thrive. Chapters address questions about learning, digital technology, and community engagement through the theory of community inquiry. The settings range from a small farming town, to a mostly immigrant community, to inner-city Chicago, and include youth from ages eight to 20. Going beyond works on social media in a narrow sense, the projects in these settings involve the use of varied technologies, such as GPS/GIS mapping tools, video production, use of archives and databases, podcasts, and Internet radio. The development of inquiry-based activities serves as a record of the diverse experiences and a guide to future projects. The book concludes with an overview of a curriculum that readers may adapt for their own settings.


Jorrín-Abellán, I. M. (2014). A Needle in a Haystack: Evaluating YCI. In B. C. Bruce, A. P. Bishop, & N. R. Budhathoki (Eds.), Youth Community Inquiry: New Media for Community and Personal Growth (p. 195). New York, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, Oxford, Wien: Peter Lang.

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