Talking Diversity with Teachers and Teacher Educators:


Exercises and Critical Conversations Across the Curriculum

vasquez book cover.png

Publisher: Teachers College Press (

Publication Date: June 1, 2014

SMGE’s Dr. Anete Vasquez is one of the co-editors of this book designed to provide a practical framework for teacher educators and professional development personnel. She also contributed a chapter titled “English language arts education: Valuing all voices.”

From the Foreword by by Geneva Gay, professor of education, University of Washington–Seattle

"The stories in Talking Diversity are both instructive and inviting, affirming and empowering. They encourage and entice other teacher educators to join in promoting diversity in action as well as ideology, and they provide some reasonable and viable windows of opportunity for how these participations can occur successfully. In this sense, the style of this volume is as enriching, enlightening, and insightful as diversity is itself. It is a conversation of necessity and significance, and certainly one worth joining!”

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