Teacher Quality Partnership

Year 5 Update + Year 6 No Cost Extension


Year 5 is the final year of the Teacher Quality Partnership Grant and comes to a close in September of 2014. There will be a Year 6 (2014-2015) making use of all funds not used during the initial 5 years of the project to wind down all aspects implemented by the grant. Cohort 5 of Urban Education Interns will only consist of Early Childhood education majors and will be the final Urban Education cohort supported through their graduation of May 2017. Current cohort 4 seniors will be the last group to graduate with all three levels of elementary, middle, and secondary grades in May of 2016. Going forward the seven schools that make up our TQP PDS will become an option for all education majors seeking off campus field experiences (including TOSS and Student Teaching) starting Fall of 2015 for Middle and Secondary and will be one of the many cohort options starting Fall of 2016 for Elementary.

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