Advancing the Teaching of Mathematics and Science

The A.T.O.M.S Center

(Advancing the Teaching of Mathematics and Science)

The College of Science and Mathematics, in collaboration with Bagwell College of Education established the A.T.O.M.S. Center to address the needs of Georgia's K-12 schools in Science and Mathematics. In Georgia, the teacher shortage problem is compounded by the reality that if all University System of Georgia teacher preparation institutions maintain their present level of production of new secondary science and mathematics teachers (678 in 2006), the state will be 85% short of meeting the projected need for 2013.
The A.T.O.M.S. Center focuses on the following areas:      

  • Enhancement of in-service teacher development and effectiveness,     
  • Implementation of innovative strategies to retain new teachers in the classroom,  
  • Stimulation of K-12 student interest in science and mathematics, and 
  • Recruitment of future science and math teachers at the secondary school level.

The Center will also enhance faculty excellence by promoting scholarship and research efforts of all faculty members engaged in K-12 science and mathematics education. The Center will improve practicing teachers' overall effectiveness in the classroom and retain more teachers in the profession. Our professional development programs will enable teachers to show students how science and mathematics relate to the world around them as well as introduce students to the many professional career opportunities related to college degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) fields. Our intention is to:       

  • Supplement the resources of the Bagwell College of Education and the College of Science and Mathematics with additional faculty and staff necessary to effectively conduct professional teacher outreach programs at the K -12 level,   
  • Better leverage and synergize our teacher education faculty resources in science and mathematics, and
  • Increase the colleges' physical resources such as office space, professional development rooms, and conference rooms to more effectively implement our outreach programs.