Clinical Experiences, Placements and Partnerships

ECE 2205, ECE 3313, ECE 3520, ECE 3565,
ECE 3570, ECE 4525 and ECE 4535

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**If the teacher candidate has not obtained Bright from the Start clearance email, the candidate will not be allowed to report out in the field and will be required to withdraw from the course.**

Important Notice about Certification:

The state of Georgia requires that anyone participating in any course requiring a field experience, where the candidate will enter a public or charter school, must hold a Pre-Service Certification.  This requirement impacts all courses requiring field experience beyond education foundation courses (EDUC 2110, 2120 & 2130). 

Candidates admitted to the Bagwell College of Education must complete and submit to the Education Student Services office two forms in order to obtain the required Pre-Service Certification.  The Education Student Services office is located in Kennesaw Hall, Suite 1314.  Failure to submit a completed packet, in a timely manner, may result in a candidates inability to complete field experience hours required in a course for which they are registered.

Placement Information

The Deadline to Sign-up for a Field Experience Placement for B-K courses: 

  • Sign up dates will be announced by CEPP
  • After sign up, print your confirmation page.
  • Missing the sign up deadline can result in withdrawal from the class. Contact CEPP ( and copy your instructor immediately for sign up problems.