Welcome to Center for Literacy & Learning

The Center for Literacy and Learning creates an environment of engagement and partnership between the student, teacher, and parent by enhancing the reading and writing skills of students who attend P-12 schools. Each student who attends the Center for Literacy and Learning receives quality services designed to promote student achievement.

Practicing teachers initially assess students in reading and writing to discover students’ interests and academic needs. As they conduct research-based assessments, they review background information and interview parents, teachers, and students. These assessments help teachers to meet the needs of students effectively, open doors to learning, and impact lives. In collaboration with university faculty, teachers use these assessments to create individualized programs and design instructional sessions to improve reading and writing. Individualized programs are designed in concert with current literature and research-based practices.

Literacy Center Information:

Hours of Instructional Session:
  • Varies by program

Faculty Information:

Director: Dr. Megan Adams