About CLL

Our Mission

Kennesaw State University’s Center for Literacy and Learning’s mission is to: teacher06.jpg

  • Serve the literacy needs of the P-12 student population in the surrounding community.
  • Promote the acquisition and use of literacy strategies, foster independent learning, while motivating learners to value all forms of literacy and lifelong learning.
  • Provide a safe, comfortable environment in which faculty, teacher candidates, and practicing graduate teachers collaborate with P-12 learners and their families to promote lifelong literacy.
  • Promote the evolving capacities of faculty, teacher candidates, and practicing graduate teachers to enhance literacy development of P-12 learners through the implementation of research-based literacy practices.
  • Foster the development of positive dispositions of faculty, teacher candidates, and practicing graduate teachers in educating diverse learners.
  • Support the literacy research efforts of KSU faculty, teacher candidates, and practicing teachers, and members of the wider research community.


Our Center, in the Bagwell College of Education at Kennesaw State University in room 1102 Kennesaw Hall, is a well-organized facility that welcomes students of multiple ages as well as their families. P-12 students of all ages have opportunities to explore literature using technology and multifaceted resources in a safe and comfortable environment. The Center has a variety of print materials for P-12 readers of all levels that may be checked out by the students. They will have opportunities to use iPads, Kindles, computers, and other 21st technology during meaningful and enjoyable learning sessions designed by experienced teachers. Parents are required to escort their students to Kennesaw Hall and check them into the Center.


Please park all cars in the visitors’ section of Central Deck of KSU, off Frey Road. No fees will be charged for parking in this area.

Policy & Calendar

Kennesaw State University has a zero tolerance policy for non-prescription drugs, alcohol, and/or weapons on campus. Those who bring drugs or are found with these items will be removed from the program.

All student services will be held in Kennesaw Hall, following the KSU Calendar for holidays, spring break, etc.