Session & Fees

Sessions: Each student who attends the Center will receive a session each week for twenty weeks of individualized services by a certified, experienced teacher. The sessions will follow a school calendar beginning in September and ending in April.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend every session. If illness or emergencies occur, parents are asked to report absences by email or phone call.

Fees: The cost of the minimum of 10 sessions is $30 per session, which includes assessment and individualized instruction. The sessions will be offered on Mondays evenings from September to April of each academic year.

Early Bird Special: Those who pay the balance for 10 sessions at the beginning of the semester will receive a special discount on each session.

Late fees: When a student is picked up late from a session, a charge of $15.00 will be assed for the first ten minutes that a parent or guardian is late, with $1.00 for every minute afterwards. Late fees are due at the time of pick up.


Parents are required to attend an orientation.  At that time, all registration forms will be completed, and the Director will review issues related to safety, emergency procedures, literacy opportunities, and professional development.

Teachers will introduce themselves to the parents and students as they begin a meaningful, collaborative relationship.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Parent drop-off: Parents will bring their children to the lobby of Kennesaw Hall fifteen minutes prior to the opening of the session. A greeting station will be set up with a table and resource materials. KSU teachers and staff will meet each student and take each one to the appropriate work area. Students are not allowed to be unattended.

Parent pick-up: Parents must come to the Kennesaw Hall lobby to pick up their children who will be dismissed after the session. Students are not permitted to go to their cars unescorted. No students, regardless of age, will be allowed to leave the building unattended by a parent or a parent’s designee. Family members may wait in the designated areas.

Students are not allowed to go anywhere on campus unattended.

Student Attendance

Students are asked to arrive on time, every time, accompanied by parents or guardians. Please notify the Center when student must be absent by emailing the Center staff at:

Make-up sessions will not be provided.

Student Dress Code

Maintain a casual, but appropriate dress, consistent with requirements of P-12 schools (e.g., modest necklines, skirt and shorts length).

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Literacy and Learning! We look forward to meeting you and collaborating with you to open doors to learning and impact lives!