Student Services

Each student who attends the Center will receive twenty weekly sessions of individualized services by a certified, experienced teacher with expertise in strategic reading and writing instruction. The sessions will follow the KSU calendar. CLLP-1.jpg

Students who attend the Center will receive weekly sessions with quality services designed to improve literacy development, particularly in the areas of reading and writing. Each student will work with a practicing, experienced teacher who creates an individualized program focused on the student’s reading and writing needs. Students will be assessed on multiple levels to create their individualized programs, which include formal and informal assessments as well as interviews with parents and teachers. These individualized programs, designed in relation to current literature and research-based practices, will include:

  • opportunities for reading broadly at the instructional level
  • word study
  • comprehension
  • a writing component

Students’ progress will be monitored throughout the year to track performance and to re-evaluate the individualized program. During the students’ journey with the Center for Literacy and Learning, parents are expected to be actively involved throughout the year. Opportunities for parents include:

  • Interviews to establish collaboration at the beginning and end of the year
  • Conferences to discuss the student’s individualized plans
  • Workshops on reading and writing strategies
  • Progress report updates
  • Recommendations for summer reading

The sessions will follow a school calendar, beginning in September and ending in April, which also follows the KSU calendar, closing for federal holidays, and KSU holidays.