Educational Student Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Students should consult their advisor at least once per semester to discuss their progress through the program and other student resources provided by the university.
If you are declaring your interest in Early Childhood Education, Birth through Kindergarten, Middle Grades Education, or History Education, you should request a change-of-major through your Owl Express. Your major will be recorded as "interest" until you are admitted into the teacher education program.
Admission to a teacher preparation program is separate from admission to Kennesaw State University. For the minimum criteria for admission, please see the KSU Undergraduate Catalog. Some teacher preparation programs have additional requirements. Please contact the departments or program coordinators directly.
Your advisor may recommend that you take GACE Program Admission Assessment in the semester prior to the semester in which you will be applying to the teacher education program. Generally, students will schedule the assessment after they have completed ENGL 1102 and the second General Education MATH course (when these courses are taken during the second semester). Please see your advisor for specific recommendations within your program area.
No, you do not need to complete all of your general education classes prior to admission into a teacher preparation program; specific classes required are ENGL 1101, ENGL 1102, and EDUC 2110*, and may be included in the 45 hours of college credit required for admission.

*or approved High School equivalent (See Mary Lynn Orr in the Teacher Education Advisement Center, Kennesaw Hall 1314, if you think you may have completed an approved program.)
You may take EDUC 2110 after you have completed ENGL 1102. EDUC 2110 requires an intensive field experience. You do not need to complete all your general education courses before registering for EDUC 2110.
No, you should meet with your advisor to determine appropriate courses in the major that you should begin taking in order to complete required sequences for the degree program.
You should apply for admission to a teacher preparation program early in the semester in which you will be completing all the requirements for admission to that major program (see the KSU Undergraduate Catalog for deadlines). Candidates typically apply for admission to a teacher preparation program during their sophomore year. Applications are available through the student's Owl Express during an application period. You should meet with your advisor to determine the appropriate semester for which you should apply. You do not need to have completed all the teacher preparation admission requirements at the time of application.