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Our KSU iTeach staff of dedicated instructional technology specialists have the experience to help move your class/school/district into the next frontier of education. Our team has proven leadership and experience in the fields of Educational Technology, Personalized Learning, Instructional Coaching and more!

Let the KSU iTeach Center assess where you are and provide solutions to get you where you want to go.

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Personalized Professional Development

The KSU iTeach Center offers a wide variety of customized training options for your school or school system.

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Project Spotlight

Spotlighting: Paulding County's Model Technology Classroom

Tech-ed.pngWhat are the TechEds?
Paulding County School District's Model Technology Classroom initiative. The KSU iTeach center is proud to partner in this high quality staff development rollout.

Who are the TechEds?
An amazing group of highly effective teachers integrating technology into the curriculum. As pedagogy drives the instruction - students embrace authentic, higher order thinking, and hands-on learning. Student engagement soars. Our model technology teachers use high-impact, highly effective technology infused instruction to ensure student mastery of the standards. EVERY DAY!

techEds_pic.jpgWhat are the goals of TechEds?

  • On-going, job-embedded professional learning for participants and observers
  • Real-life, demonstration of instructional technology practices
  • Coaching and professional dialogue regarding planning for implementing, and assessing students using technology
  • Providing teachers with the sills, knowledge, and dispositions to meet the ISTE Standards for Teachers Improved student achievement

TechEds District of Distinction Award
As of July, 2015 the TechEds earned the Districts of Distinction Award by the District Administration Journal.

“The TechEds program has given teachers the skills to fully integrate technology in the classroom setting, which will result in a higher level of student engagement and achievement,” Superintendent Cliff Cole says. “This initiative has created a group of technology leaders in our district. The hope is these teachers will share their learning with their peers in their schools.”