Teacher Resource & Activity Center

The Teacher Resource and Activity Center (TRAC) will be closed for renovation for approximately 2-3 weeks in May. The closing is tentatively scheduled for May 7-26, but actual dates may vary slightly. To minimize your inconvenience, we ask anyone who may need to print posters and signs, borrow or return books, or do workroom projects, to complete these tasks by May 4. Although we will stay open for business as long as possible, we cannot guarantee that all services will be available after May 5. TRAC will re-open as soon as possible after renovation. Please call TRAC at 470-578-6420 if you have any questions or special concerns.

Welcome to the Teacher Resource & Activity Center, commonly known as TRAC, at Kennesaw State University. TRAC is a curriculum center designed to help education students, educators, and community members plan and prepare effective and creative classroom instruction and activity. TRAC houses over 8,000 books, more than 2,000 DVDs and videos, and 500 kits and games. Visitors can check out books, DVDs, videos, and instructional enhancement items, conduct educational research, access the internet, preview videos, make copies, and much more! Visit our workroom to find everything you need to create manipulatives and projects. Friendly staff is available to assist visitors.

The center is located in Room 2005 on the 2nd floor of Kennesaw Hall on the Kennesaw State University main campus. It is open to all KSU students, faculty, and staff. Members of the local community may utilize the center by filling out a membership application at the front desk. There is no charge for membership.

Would you like to know more? Click on the tour link for a personal tour of the center or click on the links to the side for more specific information. Better yet, come see us in person to see all that TRAC has to offer! We’ll be glad to schedule a tour for you!

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