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How am I admitted to an Endorsement?

Admission Requirements for teacher candidates adding an endorsement to their teaching certificate.
Students already enrolled in a degree program and who are eligible for a teaching endorsement must complete and submit the Endorsement Enrollment Form.


Completion Requirements (steps to become PSC endorsed)

  1. Our Certification Office (Kellie Oxford) is responsible for notifying the PSC that you have completed an approved endorsement. The applicant is responsible for notifying Ms. Oxford by completing the form linked here
  2. After you obtain an official transcript, please take the official transcript to your school district office and complete the application. Your application fee is waived since the school district processes the application and submits the required Employer Assurance. Beware, the transcript must be official.

If you are not currently employed, please make an appointment to meet with Ms. Oxford in person at 770-423-6043 or send an email to

Endorsement Links

For more information please email the Administrative Associate, Lois Leahy at or call at (770) 423-6117.