Elementary and Early Childhood Education

EECE Faculty & Staff

The faculty members working in the department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education are highly qualified to facilitate the preparation of teachers in elementary and early childhood science, social studies, literacy, and mathematics. Faculty members have prior experience teaching in public school settings and collectively are licensed in many states or have obtained licensure throughout the United States and internationally. Our faculty members originate from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Faculty members in the department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education possess a broad range of expertise in research and curriculum development including preparing teachers to assist English Language Learners, differentiating instruction to meet the needs of diverse learning populations, promoting literacy across all content areas, preparing teachers to help young children develop critical thinking skills required for work in STEM fields, developing social justice consciousness, and appreciating human diversity. Additionally, faculty members have gained expertise in online learning and course development. 

Members of the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education continue to strive to improve its program through the redesign of course requirements and field experiences that address the rigor of the standards provided by national content organizations, as well as the ever changing demands of the 21st century.