Elementary and Early Childhood Education

B-K Methods Block

student13.jpgCurrent research indicates that early childhood programs with well-prepared, highly qualified teachers have long-term positive benefits for children and the community. Based on this research and Georgia’s newly approved certification in Birth through Kindergarten (B-K) Education, the Kennesaw State University Bagwell College of Education B-K Early Education Undergraduate Program has been developed to assist individuals who have a desire to instruct and work with infants, toddlers, preschool and kindergarten children.

Graduates of the program will be prepared to provide instruction to very young children. Graduates will also be familiar with global perspectives on early learning and teaching. The B-K Undergraduate Degree Program addresses the needs of the whole child based on national and state standards. Teacher candidates in the program may be placed in diverse field settings that will focus on (1) developmentally appropriate best practices, (2) current research on the development of infant, toddler and young children, (3) families and communities in a global setting, (4) English Language Learners, and (5) children with special learning needs. There will be two concentrations offered for the Bachelor of Science Degree in B-K: Traditional Concentration and Montessori Concentration.

Teacher candidates may take courses focusing on children ages birth though kindergarten in the following areas:

  •     Prenatal Development and the Development of Infants, Toddlers and Young Children
  •     Organization and Administration of Preschool Programs
  •     Visual Arts, Play, Music and Creativity
  •     Language and Literature
  •     Families, Communities
  •     Global Learning
  •     Children with Special Needs
  •     Lesson Planning and Assessment
  •     English Language Learners

For a list of specific courses in the B-K Traditional program, click here.
For a list of specific courses in the B-K Montessori program, click here.

Traditional Concentration Methods Block Information

Please click here for the Methods Block Application. You must meet with your advisor before completing the application, and you must complete the application by April 17, 2015. Please contact Dr. Jean-Sigur if you have any questions. For additional information download the Methods Block Handbook