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Program Description

Helping students to learn and grow is a goal of every school. Implicit in that goal is an understanding of how to work with special populations of children. Gifted education encompasses the expertise needed to properly identify and serve not only the students who demonstrate high achievement, but also those who have the ability to achieve at high levels. The term also covers the specific services and programs offered as well as the teacher training necessary to provide the academic guidance gifted students need in order to thrive. Gifted education, then, is the system by which districts recognize and serve this special population of children.

The Gifted In-Field Endorsement in Georgia enables educators to provide direct instruction only in the grade levels and fields of their base certificates. It also allows those with the endorsement to serve as a resource teacher for “indirect services” for gifted education in any content area or grade level P-12.

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Program of Study

EDUC 7761 - Characteristics of Gifted Children
EDUC 7762 - Methods and Materials for Teaching Gifted Children
EDUC 7763 - Assessment of Gifted Children and Youth
EDUC 7764 - Curriculum Development and Program Design in Gifted Education

Program Total (12 Credit Hours)


Summer April 1

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