Instructional Technology

Welcome to Online M.Ed. in Instructional Technology

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Welcome to the Department of Instructional Technology's Online Master's Degree program Orientation.  It is a great time to be a learner, and we are excited about your commitment to learn a wide range of digital-age skills, making you a better teacher and a fully qualified technology coach.  Our program aims to help you reach these goals.

This Orientation will address the purpose and scope of the program, national and state standards tied to program and course objectives, major program requirements & expectations, and resources available to you through the department, the college, and the university.

The Orientation itself is a series of videos (with transcripts available).  Please follow the path provided for you. Note: The videos are sequenced, and understanding the information from one will be essential to understanding the information contained in another.

Although it will be linked later in the orientation sequence, it is imperative that you view the Graduate Podcast before you move on to the other videos.  Please click on the graphic below to access the Graduate Podcast video.


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