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Setting up Your Electronic Portfolio using

Helpful Tips

1. Once you start playing a video, you might want to click on the "TV" icon at the bottom right of the video window to view the video full screen!

2. If you print this handout, it will be very helpful for you as you are setting up your portfolio.

3. You will need to view the two headers below and save one of them to your hard drive for use in your portfolio.

4. Open a new tab in your Internet browser and go to All work in setting up your portfolio should be done on this EDUCATION site of Weebly.  (Note:  Instructions in the videos refer to Please disregard and go to

5. Weebly recently made a few updates so the videos may not match exactly (ex: themes have changed - just find a similar one), but they should be very helpful!

Video 1 - Header - 8:10 (8 minutes, 10 seconds)

Video 2 - Menu System - 6:04 (6 minutes, 4 seconds)

Video 3 - Elements on Each Page - 14:24 (14 minutes, 24 seconds)

NOTE - Weebly recently made a few updates so the video may not match exactly. For example, Weebly has replaced the (text + image) button with a separate text button and a separate image button. Just drag the text button over onto the page and then drag an image button onto the page inside the text box.

Video 4 - Sub-Menus for Standards 1 - 6 - 10:06

Video 5 - Sub-sub Menus (Elements that cascade out) 5:18

Video 6 - Adding elements to the sub-sub menus - 6:18

Video 7 - Publish your portfolio to the Web, Link to a Website, Upload and link to an Artifact or Log - 11:26