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The ITEC labs - KH 2105 (Lab 1), KH 2107 (Lab 2), and KH 2102 (Lab 3), ECF 204 (new bldg), ECF 402 (new bldg), and ECF 403 (new bldg) may be reserved once technology classes have been scheduled. The labs are only available for use by classes that are engaging in the use of technology.  

Please make sure the software you want to use is on the ITEC computers before you schedule. If the software is not part of the standard software installed on all computers, you MUST complete the Lab Software Request form located at

Please use the following form to request a computer lab for a class or event. You should receive an e-mail confirmation for the specific dates, times, and lab locations within 48 hours of your request. 

If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact Gail Dasher at or Pamela Boyer at - 470-578-3262.

IMPORTANT - By submitting this form you agree to:

  1. Notify the ITEC Department should you NOT need use of your scheduled time (so others may be scheduled.)
  2. Turn off the video projectors when you leave.
  3. Police the lab. That is, pick up trash, reposition keyboards, mice, chairs, etc. so the lab is presentable for the next user.

Failure to abide by items 1, 2, and 3, above, may result in loss of your ITEC lab privileges. 

Lab Request Form

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What software will you need that is not part of the standard installation, if any?
If any, you MUST complete the Lab Software Request form located at

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