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Graduate Certificate in Special Education

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Special Education is designed to offer graduate courses in instruction, assessment, and positive behavior supports, which provide educators with the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to meet the needs of students with dis abilities. Courses which apply to the certificate focus on effective use of evidence-based/research-supported practices and concepts underlying the successful academic experiences and needs of this diverse population.

INED 3305 (2 Credit Hours) is a prerequisite for admission. 

INED 3306 (1 Credit Hour)  is a prerequisite for admission. 

Program of Study

INED 7720 - Positive Behavior Management Strategies (3 Credit Hours) This course focuses on the use of positive behavior strategies at the school-wide, classroom, and individual student levels. Candidates develop skills in implementing proactive strategies for positive behavior management. 

INED 7730 - Assessment of Diverse Learners (3 Credit Hours)  In this course, candidates developcompetencies in administration, development, and interpretation of norm-referenced, criterion-referenced, curriculum-based observation, checklists/rating scales, authentic and informal assessments.

INED 7761 - Instructional Approaches I (3 Credit Hours) The purpose of this course is to prepare professional learning facilitators for diverse students, including those with a full range of disability and those who are culturally and linguistically diverse.

Admission Requirements & How to Apply

Non Degree Seeking: Certificates | Endorsements | KSU Certificates
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