Educational Leadership

Ed.S. Leadership for Learning FAQs

Currently there is no GRE required for admissions into the EdS program.
  • Partnership Agreement between KSU and Candidate’s School District or Charter/Independent School (a list of current partnerships is located on the Department of Educational Leadership’s website)
  • Agreement that District or Independent School to “support” Candidate in this program (this differs by institution – please check with your human resources department or administration)
  • Complete a program application
  • Hold a master’s degree – or higher – in a professional education or related field
  • Have a minimum of four (4) years of teaching or administrative experience
  • No GRE currently required
  • Hold a leadership “position” or “role” (as defined by your District or Independent/Charter school)
  • Hold a master’s degree in educational leadership, OR hold current Georgia leadership certification (L /PL/or Tier-1 only), OR complete either a stand-alone (6) hour PSC-approved “leadership preservice” or complete the leadership preservice within the degree/certificate program.
Absolutely. At our district partners’ requests, we are now (Spring 2014) allowing classroom educators to enter the performance-based leadership program. They must occupy what their district considers to be a “leadership role” and have adequate release time to complete performance-based activities. In addition, they most possess a Georgia Leadership Certificate (L/PL/or Tier-1).
Yes. The residency-based nature of the program allows candidates to demonstrate their mastery of content through authentic, practice-based assignments in their schools.
What is the length of study for the EdS and the PL-6? The EdS. Program is designed to be completed within four semesters. A candidate takes three courses each semester (core and residency).
Yes. Building level tracks prepare leaders for site. If a building level administrator is transferred or promoted to the district level, the candidate needs only to satisfy the additional coursework to complete system-level leadership certification.
Individuals can make request to transfer graduate hours that are not part of an existing degree. Courses obtained only within the last 6 year are eligible for transfer. Courses must have been obtained from an accredited, recognized university. All hours are subject to review by the program director and department chair.