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Biology Bachelor of Science

Program Description

The program of study in biology leading to a Bachelor of Science degree provides students with the opportunity to pursue a major field of concentration in biology with a background in the liberal arts. The breadth and depth of the course offerings combined with high academic standards provide students with the flexibility to concentrate on any of the many career opportunities in biology. The biology degree program will prepare students for graduate school, for professional schools in a number of health-related fields including medical, dental, pharmacy, and veterinary schools and for technical positions in a large number of science laboratories.


* A maximum of 8 hours (at least two different experiences) from BIOL 3398, 4400 and/or 4450 can be used to satisfy major electives. Credit for BIOL 3396 can be applied to Free Electives only.

** Students who wish to sit for the national certification exam in Cytogenetics must take BIOL 3327, BTEC 4310, and BTEC 4300. See director of the Cytogenetics track for details.

Courses and Additional Information

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