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Chemistry Bachelor of Science

Program Description

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry provides American Chemical Society (ACS) approved programs. Students completing a baccalaureate degree that meets the ACS Guidelines will receive an ‘ACS-certified degree’. Some of the following degree tracks include the course work and experience necessary to satisfy requirements for ACS certification. See an academic advisor for more information on the requirements for ACS certification and other aspects of these tracks.

Professional Chemistry Track: This track is designed to prepare students for graduate school in chemistry or the professional workforce. Students completing this track receive a B.S. degree that is certified by the American Chemical Society.

General Chemistry Track: This track is designed to allow flexibility in choosing supporting discipline credits that support individual career goals. Due to the variety of options in this track, students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor to plan a course of study that meets graduation requirements. 

Forensic Chemistry Track: This track is designed to prepare students for a career in the forensic field. Students completing this track will receive a B.S. in Chemistry and a certificate in Forensic Chemistry upon graduation.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Track: This track is designed to prepare students for pharmacy school while they work towards a degree in Chemistry. Students may also go to graduate school or work in the pharmaceutical industry after completing this track. As pharmacy school prerequisites change, students need to be diligent in ensuring they are meeting the requirements of the pharmacy school they wish to attend. The streamlining of both the requirements for a degree in chemistry and the needed prerequisites is best done in consultation with an academic advisor.

Chemistry Education Track: This track is designed to prepare chemistry teachers, largely at the secondary school level (grades 6 through 12). It leads to 6-12 grade level teacher certification in the teaching field of chemistry in Georgia. Candidates complete the equivalent of a major in chemistry and a second major in pedagogical studies with an emphasis on teaching science.

All tracks can be ACS certified with specific coursework and laboratory experiences. See an advisor for more information.


1 The chemistry elective 3000/4000 course must have one prerequisite from the upper division major requirements.

2 Students may substitute CHEM 3501/L and CHEM 3502 for CHEM 3500/L, in which case CHEM 3502 may count as the 3000/4000 level chemistry elective.

Courses and Additional Information

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