ESOL Conference

English for Speakers of Other Languages

ESOL Call for Proposals


 August 1- November 2016


The Executive Planning Committee invites your submissions for the 16th Annual ESOL Conference in Kennesaw, Georgia. The conference theme is Advocate, Advance, Achieve. Proposals will be accepted from August 1, 2016 through November 2016. All proposals must be submitted online by clicking the image to the right. Presenters will be notified by November 2016.

Conference Strands

  • Technology: Current and emerging technologies provide a means for students to have an authentic voice, an authentic audience, and authentic assessments. Technology tools facilitate shared teaching and learning, professional development, and opportunities to empower and engage students in curriculum design. Technology does not stand alone. Its power rests in the ability of school leadership to develop a vision and provide the necessary professional development and support to assure the full deployment of technology as a tool for curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Relevant topics include: flipped classrooms, creativity and innovation, teaching communication and collaboration, library and educational resources, virtual classrooms, social networking and collaboration tools, technology tools and planning for technology.
  • Family Engagement: Responsive schools encourage and facilitate family involvement and engagement and seek appropriate partnerships with businesses, social service agencies, and other organizations whose purposes are consistent with the school's mission and help strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning and development for ALL students, including English learners. Relevant topics include: school and community partnerships, school and family relationships, involvement and programs, guidance, family support and social services, multi-generational and non-traditional family units, welcoming environment, parent liaisons, understanding cultural and language barriers, parent involvement.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is working together for a common purpose to achieve a benefit. As educators we must collaborate with colleagues inside and outside the school to increase student achievement. Relevant topics include: motivation, reflection, engagement, access to resources, expanded opportunities, increase efficiency and effectiveness, communication, shared goals, networking, professional learning communities, advocacy, collaborative teaching.
  • Differentiation / Student Achievement: Content specific strategies - especially math, Assessments for learning, records and data recording and reflective teaching, strategies to assist EL's who are gifted or have special needs, constructed response testing strategies.

Content Area:

  • When submitting your proposal, please choose all relevant content areas that apply to your presentation topic including math, science, English language arts, social studies/history, health, art, music, career tech.


  • As you plan and submit your proposal, please consider your audience. Is your topic/presentation relevant for general education teachers, middle/high school teachers, elementary teachers, administrators, district leaders, novice teachers and/or experienced educators?


  • Sessions are 70 minutes in length. Prepare your presentation and ensure you can present your topic clearly and succinctly in about 60 minutes. The additional 10 minutes should be used to answer questions and allow participants to complete evaluations.