Foundation Courses

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    For additional information, please contact the course coordinator, Beth Marks.

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    For additional information, please contact the course coordinator, Tristan Glenn.

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Placement Information

Signing-up for a Field Experience Placement for EDUC 2110:

If you are registered for EDUC 2110, you will be informed via email and by your instructor of the field experience sign up dates and times. Once you have completed your sign up, a confirmation page will appear that includes your name, placement requested, mapquest link, and contact telephone for the school where you will be placed -- print and save your confirmation. Because of the need to communicate placement requests to the schools in a timely manner, deadlines for sign-up are firm. If you fail to sign-up by the deadline, you will be required to withdraw from the course because you cannot pass the course without the field experience.

If the placement request site is not functioning, you must e-mail CEPP ( and copy your instructor during the sign-up time to indicate that you are having a sign-up issue. You will then be given the opportunity to select from the remaining placements.

Field Experience sign-up for EDUC 2120

Placements are conducted by Volunteerism and Service Learning Support. Please contact VSLS for additional information.

Field Experience for EDUC 2130

Please reference your course syllabus for details. For additional information, contact your instructor.