Forms and Resources

International Student Teaching

  • Interest Form (pdf)
  • Application (pdf)
  • Global Engagement Certification Program
  • Study Abroad Recommendation Form (pdf)
  • Field Experiences Handbook (pdf)
  • Responsibilities of Study Abroad Participants (Word)
  • Elementary Childhood Education 7 Week Abroad Experience Application (MS Word)

    Suggestions for drafting your 7-week project:
    Your project should have to do with international/global education or the study abroad experience. So topics like; your perspectives on south american culture, a comparative study comparing the curriculum in GA to the curriculum abroad, the influence your host family has on your orientation to culture, stigma of being a foreigner, study of English Language Learners-the differentiation and supports they need, how social media and technology impacts culture shock, why some students in the U.S. stay in YC II experiences, while others go abroad (you could do interviews, surveys with peers that go abroad or peers that stay), or other educational perspectives from a global lens.

Interest Form