Student Research and Professional Development Activity Fund

Purpose of the Bagwell College of Education Student Research and Professional Development Activity Fund: Clarice C. and Leland H.
Bagwell College of Education
Student Research and Professional Development Activity Fund

  • The purpose of the Bagwell College of Education Student Research and Professional Development Activity Fund is to support a limited number of undergraduate and graduate research and professional development activities conducted by undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Bagwell College of Education programs.

  • The amount of funding available for student research will be determined annually by the Dean. The limited funds will be distributed on a 60/40 ratio between graduate and undergraduate students, with the highest percentage going to graduate activities. Depending on the number of qualified applications, the Student Development and Awards Committee (SDAC) may redistribute these limited funds to either the undergraduate or graduate pool, with the Dean’s approval.

  • Undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing and admitted into a BCOE program may apply. Student funding is allocated based on a competitive application process. Funds will be used to support their research and/or professional development activities that were used or are being used in the current academic year. Funding support may include requests for  supplies/materials for research. In the event that a student’s project is funded, the student cannot use the funds for an alternative project. The student must forfeit the funds and reapply for funding.
  • For the 2023-2024 academic year, funds for travel are limited to individuals (a) presenting at a conference and/or (b) receiving an award. 

  • ●       Students must be enrolled during the semester they apply and during the time of supplies/materials used.
    ●       Requests for materials that can be obtained in another manner (e.g., books from the library; software available for student use by KSU) will not be funded. (Computer equipment is excluded.)
    ●       Students must have a clear plan for completing the research/activity prior to graduation.
    ●       All materials (e.g., transcription, science tools/kits, survey instruments, manuals) purchased remain the property of the university and must be returned to the university (e.g., software). Materials that are consumable in nature and used by the student understandably cannot be returned.
    ●       Funding cannot be used for compensation to be given to participants in research studies (e.g., Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, monetary compensation).

  • Students must submit an online application form, a resume, and a statement of support form from a faculty member most familiar with the student’s request (e.g., faculty mentor, instructor, dissertation chair, a faculty member affiliated with or collaborating on the research/professional development activity). This statement of support serves as faculty approval for the request.

    An online application form, a statement of support form, and complete procedures are located on the BCOE Awards page: While there is a priority deadline, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis each academic term, based on the timeline listed below and the amount of funding still available. Applications received for materials/travel prior to the funding status announcement will be reviewed/awarded on a case by case basis. 

    When deadlines fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is extended to the next business day. The SDAC will review applications prior to the end of the month when applications are due and make recommendations to the Dean. The Dean will announce winners by the end of the month when awards are due. SDAC will provide periodic updates on funding availability to BCOE Awards website.

    Priority Applications Due:
    February 1, 2024
    General Applications Due:         
    Marrch 1, 2024
    Funding Status Announced:
    Three weeks after Deadline
    Fall 2024 deadlines will be released in August.

    Students (and faculty) are expected to obtain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval prior to collecting any data if the project includes research involving human or animal participants. Failure to obtain such approval will result in loss of funding.

    Students are responsible for ensuring that all proposal materials are complete. The SDAC will not consider late or incomplete applications. Applications will not be accepted via email.

    Upon completion of the project/conference, undergraduate and graduate students are required either to attend the KSU Symposium of Student Scholars ( OR to disseminate their research work in another venue (e.g., at a professional development workshop in their school or district, at a department meeting, and so on).  

    In addition, students are required to submit a report of the work accomplished (e.g., a one-page reflection, PowerPoint, handouts) to the chair of the SDAC. Students who fail to submit this report will not be eligible for any future BCOE funding.

    • Proposed research or professional development activity plan aligns with the overall purpose of the student’s undergraduate or graduate program and/or research in BCOE.
    • Rationale addresses the significance of the work and why the student should be awarded the funding.
    • Proposal explains how other sources of funding have been pursued and/or exhausted.
    • Conference/workshop/event is a reputable educational opportunity.
    • Materials being requested are not readily available at KSU.
    • Application is complete.
    • Application is well written and free of errors.
    • Clearly articulated budget is included.
  • The SDAC will serve as the review body for this funding. The SDAC will make funding recommendations to the Dean.

    • Darolyn A. Flaggs (Chair) - Secondary & Middle Grades Education
    • Melissa Driver - Dean’s Office
    • Yvonne Earnshaw - Instructional Technology and Innovation
    • Vidya Munandar - Inclusive Education
    • Mark Warner - Elementary & Early Childhood Education
    • Jen Wells - Education Leadership
  • The Dean of the Bagwell College of Education provides direct oversight to the SDAC.
  • The chair of the SDAC will share the committee’s funding recommendations with the Dean and will notify students who do not receive funding of their status. The committee may encourage applicants to apply at a later date. The Dean of the Bagwell College of Education will notify winners of their funding by the end of the month following the review of the awards by the SDAC.

    SDAC chair charged by the Dean or Dean’s Designee

    September 15

    SDAC updates the Call for Applications and Announcement of Submission Deadlines

    SDAC reviews charge and award guidelines, discusses, sets meeting dates, and prepares for review.


    Funds must be utilized by the end of the month or will be forfeited. 


    Students must submit all necessary paperwork for reimbursement.

    May 1-15

    SDAC reviews guidelines for this funding and makes recommendations to the Dean for changes. New members are appointed for 2024-2025 in accordance with BCOE Bylaws regarding SDAC membership.

  • Complete this section for requesting Supplies/Material Funds ONLY

              What course will you be enrolled in during the time these funds

              will be used?

    Is this project a conference or workshop? If so, please provide the name of the conference, location, and the sponsor or group organizing the event. 

    Please provide an itemized budget that illustrates how the funding will be used (please refer to the sample below).  In addition, please provide a written rationale for each item.

    Sample of Itemized Travel Budget                    

    Requesting Items



     $ 150.00


     $ 380.00


     $   20.00

    Meal GSA per diem

     $   50.00


     $ 750.00

    If yes, please provide the IRB approval number here:

    The information I have provided is accurate and my signature indicates that I am in good academic standing. I understand that these funds can only be used for the project I have presented in this application, and if I wish to change my project, I forfeit my funds and must reapply. I understand that I must follow KSU’s guidelines and deadlines for submitting all paperwork in order to receive this funding.

    All applications require a signed statement of support from a KSU faculty member. Please download the following document by CLICKING HERE and provide it to your designated faculty member who will email the document directly to: