Mission Statement

BCOE Mission StatementThe Educator Preparation Provider prepares educators to improve student learning through innovative teaching, purposeful research, and engaged service within a collaborative teaching and learning community.


As a nationally recognized Educator Preparation Provider, we will remain at the forefront of educator preparation. Informed by responsive engagement in collaborative partnerships, we advance educational excellence through innovative teaching in an ever-changing global and digital learning environment. The vision is captured in the theme "Collaborative Development of Expertise in Teaching, Learning and Leadership."


The Bagwell College of Education is committed to:

  • Excellence in teaching
  • Purposeful and necessary service to the department, college, university, schools, and profession
  • Initiatives that create new opportunities for research, service, leadership, and education in a global environment. Thus, a common goal is to increase efforts to enhance global learning for both faculty and students.
  • Improvement of teaching quality and student learning in K-12 classrooms by providing professional service to the schools
  • Democratic principles exemplified through reflective teaching, learning, leadership, and service. We value collaboration, professionalism, and shared governance.
  • A safe, collegial workplace established and sustained by its members who are valued for their talents and varied experiences, background, and perspective
  • Adherence to the highest standards of intercultural communication as an important foundation for establishing and maintaining an authentic and ethical culture of collaboration
  • The process of guiding and mentoring faculty and students for success and sustainability
  • Collegiality and academic citizenship, exemplifying high standards of ethical and professional behavior