Chalk and Wire

Welcome to the Bagwell College of Education's Chalk and Wire Website.

Chalk and Wire LoginChalk & Wire is an online program that allows users to create electronic portfolios. These portfolios can contain a wide variety of information and media, which can then be assessed by other users.

All teacher education candidates admitted to the program will be required to purchase and use Chalk and Wire throughout their undergraduate or graduate program.

Your professors will provide an overview of how Chalk and Wire will be used in your program as well as offer initial training on how to use the Chalk and Wire system within your courses. We encourage you NOT to purchase a Chalk and Wire account until you are specifically asked to do so within a course.

If you have any problems, the information and link below should guide you in the right direction to get those issues resolved. If not, please email a detailed description of the issue to: 

  • Click Here for instructions detailing purchasing & setting up your C&W account

How do I create a Chalk and Wire account or renew my current account?

You will need to purchase a Chalk and Wire account from the KSU Bookstore. Accounts are available for 1 or 2 years. Renewals are also available for 1 year or 2 years. Once you purchase the account, it will be registered in the Chalk and Wire system and you will receive an email to your KSU email account with the appropriate login information either from Chalk and Wire directly or from Angela Lewis. There is generally a three business day turn around between purchasing an account and receiving the log in information. If after this amount of time, you have not received an email regarding your login information please email and be sure to include your name, program name, KSU id number, KSU email address and date that you purchased your account. 

Can I purchase a Chalk and Wire account or renewal without going to the KSU Bookstore?

You can go to the owltec website,, and purchase your Chalk and Wire account online. The login information will be sent to your KSU email address; please bear in mind that it might be automatically directed to your junk folder.

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