Collaborative Graduate Program FAQs

Below you will find a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" regarding graduate school, specifically for education majors. Should you have any questions that are NOT answered below, please contact and your questions will be answered within a timely manner.

  • All Ed.D. programs require you to take the GRE. Please check the admission criteria for your potential Ed.S. program to determine if the GRE is required. When the GRE is required, it is used as one indicator in the admission process and there is no minimum score required. Your application packet will be reviewed holistically.

  • Every students entering the program from Summer 2014 forward must purchase a Chalk and Wire account through the KSU bookstore.

  • All of our classes are in the evenings during the Fall and Spring semester. Teachers may have some day classes during the summer semester whereas principals, superintendents, and other school administrators will still have evening options.

  • These programs will not explicitly train you to be a professor but the top notch instruction in you will receive in your major may prepare you to teach in your specific content area.

  • We strongly encourage you to check with the GaPSC before enrolling to determine if obtaining this degree will lead toward a pay and/or certificate upgrade.

  • No, the Bagwell College of Education has 17 M.Ed. programs for students with a clear and renewable certificate and 10 M.A.T. Programs for those students seeking initial certification. The M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership is the only Master’s Degree that is housed in this specific office.