Curriculum and Instruction

Background Information

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GA PSC) has established three areas of initial certification available to teachers at the advanced (graduate) level. These Service (S) level degrees are intended to provide teachers with career pathways which allow them to remain focused on classroom learning while providing opportunities to provide leadership to their colleagues in P-12 schools. The certification and degree areas are Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Technology, and Teacher Leadership. KSU offers the 21-hour certification in C&I approved by the Georgia PSC. Candidates who complete the degree and subsequently pass the state licensing exam (GACE) in C&I are eligible to add the “S-6” certification to their GA Teaching License. These teachers are eligible for an increase in pay and potential career ladder advancement as proposed in Georgia’s Career Ladder Framework (May 2012) developed by the Georgia Department of Education and the Professional Standards Commission. KSU does not guarantee salary increases; graduates should follow up with their school’s human resources department.

Curriculum: Program Description

The Curriculum and Instruction Program is designed for experienced educators who hold a T-5 certificate (or comparable out-of-state) or higher. The intent of the Curriculum and Instruction Program is to extend/enhance skills reflected in the educator’s previously awarded teaching certificate field. Through this program, experienced educators develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to serve as curriculum specialists in their field.

The program is delivered in cohorts and offered online. Course work and assignments apply to content in P-12 settings. Instruction will involve the use of a variety of instructional methods including, but not limited to, problem-based learning, modules, research and individual projects. Application of learning to school-based issues and problems is a critical component of this applied program. Candidates in the program are required to be employed as teachers or administrators in a school district or to secure an appropriate field placement which would be approved through the BCOE’s Center for Education Placements and Partnerships (CEPP).

Admission Requirements

  • Online Graduate Application - There is a non-refundable $60 application fee.
    For the Fall 2017 Application - use this link
  • Transcripts - Official transcripts from EACH College and/or University you have attended. Must be in a sealed envelope from the institution or sent electronically from the institution directly to
  • Clear Renewable Georgia Teaching Certificate - To print a copy of your Georgia clear, renewable certificate, you may log onto
  • Mentor Form - Please use this form. This should be from a current administrator at the building or district level with knowledge or experience in Educational Leadership/Administration or Curriculum & Instruction
  • Personal Reflections Statement - Can be uploaded into the online application. Should be 1-2 pages and address your professional training and interest, educational beliefs, professional goals, and why you seek to pursue your degree at KSU.
  • Resume or Professional Vitae - Can be uploaded into the online application. Should document your education, years of teaching experience, current school and district, volunteer and service activities in which you have participated, and any leadership involvement. Resume MUST reflect at least THREE years of professional teaching or administrative experience prior to admission consideration.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation - Please do NOT use the online recommendation system. Please have your recommenders use this form. Your recommenders should be from sources that can address your success in teaching, ability for success in graduate study, and commitment to learners.
  • Interview - An interview may be required. If so, you will be contacted by the program to set up an interview.

Please submit all application materials to the Office of Graduate Admissions. Their contact information, including mailing address, can be found here.

Program of Study

Curriculum & Instruction Core (15 hours)

  • EDCI 7510: Curriculum Design & Evaluation 3
  • EDCI 7520: Cognition, Development & Instruction 3
  • EDCI 7530: Instructional Decision Making  3
  • INED 7800: Curriculum Theory, Development, and Practice for Diverse Learners   3
  • ITEC 7400: 21st Century Teaching and Learning 3

Research & Assessment Core (3 hours)

  • EDUC 7705: Assessment & Evaluation in the Content Area    3

Capstone & Applied Research in C&I (3 hours)

  • EDCI 7590 Curriculum and Instruction Capstone  3


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