M.Ed. Teacher Leadership

Program Description

The Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership (M.Ed.) at Kennesaw State University is a professional degree program for currently practicing educators in Georgia. The program is a 36 hour program, and is delivered in an online format. The M.Ed. program’s focus on adult learning strategies, family and school collaboration, peer coaching and research prepares candidates for instructional leadership. Course assignments including a residency project and research are in done in KSU partner schools. Upon admission into the Teacher Leadership Program, partnership agreements with schools and KSU must be on file and documented. Assignments and field work are done to prepare candidates for the Teacher Leadership GACE exam. Candidates are required to take the Teacher Leadership GACE
exam before completing the program. Program graduates will earn the initial certification in Teacher Leadership offered through the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (Ga-PSC) upon successful completion of the program.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Teacher Leadership Program has courses that emphasize leadership in the classroom and the community. Many candidates interested in this program are wishing to become program and instructional leaders and coaches at their workplaces. The program provides opportunities for teachers to strengthen their knowledge and skills in working with other teachers, families and community leaders in the areas of research and instruction. Candidates who graduate from the Teacher Leadership program go on to become instructional coaches, curriculum leaders, educational research team leaders, program leaders, instructional advocates and mentor teachers in their work environments. Many candidates want to remain in the classroom or work closely with teachers in their classrooms. Persons interested in becoming a school administrator, principal, school district superintendent may want to apply to the Educational Leadership program. This program may have courses that focus on school administration, organization and management of educational programs and leadership at the administration level.

  • Teacher Leadership candidates at KSU are working towards earning initial certification in Teacher Leadership through the Georgia PSC. As a part of this work, the Teacher Leadership Program requires candidates to participate in field work and complete assignments in KSU partner schools. A Georgia Partnership Agreement form is required and should be on file for each Teacher Leadership student upon admission into the program. Because of this requirement, it is difficult for candidates outside the state of Georgia to complete the program.

  • Candidates within the program must complete their field work and assignments in Georgia partner schools. Field work and assignments maybe completed at your workplace as long a Georgia Partnership Agreement is on file when beginning the program.
  • There are seven (7) required courses that all Teacher Leadership candidates take in order to prepare them for the Teacher Leadership GACE and initial Teacher Leadership certification. Those courses are not transferable. For additional questions regarding course transferability, please contact the Teacher Leadership program coordinator, Dr. Raynice Jean-Sigur, at rjeansig@kennesaw.edu.
  • Because the Teacher Leadership initial certification can only be earned once you will not be eligible to apply for the Teacher Leadership Programs at KSU at the M.Ed., Ed.S or Ed.D. levels.
  • The courses that are in the Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership Program are listed below.

    Teacher Leadership Certification

    • TLED 7000: Foundations of Teacher Leadership
    • TLED 7101: Critical Analysis of Policy, Theory, & Praxis for Teacher Leaders
    • TLED 7465: Professional Learning in Schools
    • TLED 7785: Collaboration with Families and Community
    • TLED 7980: Action Research in Schools
    • TLED 7990: Residency & Capstone
    • TLED 8200: Mentoring, Coaching and Facilitating School Improvement

    Additional Program Requirements

    • EDUC 7725: Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in Content Field
    • ITEC 7400: 21st Century Teaching and Learning
    • TLED 8830: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Teacher Leaders
    • ITEC 7305: Data Analysis and School improvement

    Research Requirements

    • EDRS 8000: Applied Quantitative & Qualitative Research

    Program Total (36 Credit Hours)



The Teacher Leadership Program accepts candidates once a year with the anticipation that courses begin in Summer after the application deadline. All application materials are due by April 1. All documents must be submitted by the deadline date..

Contact Us

For admissions information please contact GradEd@kennesaw.edu.
For additional program information please contact Dr. Arvin Johnson at ajohn560@kennesaw.edu.