M.Ed. Elementary Education Electives


Within the M.Ed. in Elementary Education program of study, you have three electives in which you can elect to complete an endorsement or certificate program. Please review your choices below:


  • Departments within the Bagwell College of Education offer graduate courses in literacy to give classroom teachers additional training to meet the literacy needs of students at the early childhood, middle childhood, and secondary school levels. Courses which apply to Georgia’s Reading Add-on for classroom teachers focus on understanding readers and the reading process, linking assessment and instruction, and using instructional strategies in specific content courses.

    Successful completion of the following three courses certifies teachers in reading at the grade-level(s) of their current teaching certificates. The program presupposes certification at least at the bachelor’s level.

    All three courses are fully online

    • EDRD 6715 - Introduction to Theory and Pedagogy in the Study of Reading
    • EDRD 6717 - Introduction to Reading Assessment and Instruction
    • EDRD 6718 - Introduction to Content Area Reading and Literacy

    Contact Dr. Sanjuana Rodriguez for further information at srodri51@kennesaw.edu.

  • Online teaching is becoming more and more prevalent, even in K-5 levels. The Department of Instructional Technology in the Bagwell College of Education is offering an Online Teaching Endorsement. The purpose of the program is to prepare candidates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become effective blended or online teachers. Over the course of three semesters, candidates in the Online Teaching Certificate program will complete three (3) online courses (9 credit hours), two (2) field experiences, one (1) online practicum experiences, and an electronic portfolio.

    All three courses are fully online.

    • ITEC 7480 - Introduction to Online Learning
    • ITEC 7481 - Designing & Developing Online Learning
    • ITEC 7482 - Facilitating Online Learning

    Contact Dr. Julia Fuller at jfulle40@kennesaw.edu

  • The Teacher Leader Endorsement program is offered by the Bagwell College of Education (BCOE) and the Educator Preparation Provider (EPP)  and is supported by the literature on the distributed leadership concept that calls for the collaboration of teacher leaders and school administrators to improve their schools and student learning at the P-12 level. This is not the new teacher leadership certification field.

    Students in the Teacher Leadership Endorsement program take three courses (3 credit hours each) that can be applied as electives in other BCOE graduate programs.

    All three courses are offered online.

    • EDL 7100 - Leadership Theory and Practice
    • EDL 7305 or ITEC 7305 - Data Analysis & School Improvement
    • EDUC 7725 - Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in Content Area

    Contact Dr. Miyoshi Juergensen (mjuerge1@kennesaw.edu) and Dr. Tamela Thomas (tthom388@kennesaw.edu).

  • The Gifted In-Field Endorsement in Georgia enables educators to provide direct instruction only in the grade levels and fields of their base certificates. It also allows those with the endorsement to serve as a resource teacher for "indirect services" for gifted education in any content area or grade level P-12.

    All four courses are fully online.

    • INED 7765 - Characteristics of Gifted Children
    • INED 7766 – Methods and Materials for Teaching Gifted Children
    • INED 7767 – Assessment of Gifted Children and Youth
    • INED 7768 – Curriculum Development and Program Design in Gifted Education

    Contact Dr. Katie Bennett at kbenne72@kennesaw.edu 

  • The English of Speakers of Other Languages endorsement program (P-12) prepares certified teachers to teach in ESOL classrooms and to work with students in a variety of classroom environments who are native speakers of other languages. The ESOL endorsement provides the pedagogical foundation you need to successfully work with linguistically and culturally diverse students. You will develop cultural competencies to meet the growing diversity in today's classroom, attain deeper understandings of ways in which language affects cognition and learning, and discover research-based best practices for ensuring academic success for all students.

    All three courses are fully online

    • INED 7781 - Cultural Issues for ESOL Teachers
    • INED 7782 - Applied Linguistics for ESOL Teachers
    • INED 7783 - Methods & Materials for Teaching ESOL

    Contact Dr. Nihal Khote at nvk4987@kennesaw.edu 


  • This option allows students to use elective courses to complete up to 9 of 18 hours required for GaPSC-approved Tier I Leadership Certification offered by the Department of Educational Leadership at KSU.  Tier I certification prepares candidates for entry leadership positions that include P-12 school level positions below the principal and district level positions that do not supervise principals. Here is how the Pathway works: students take the three electives throughout their M.Ed. program. Following completion of the M.Ed., students would apply for the Educational Leadership Tier I Certificate Only Program, where the three EDL courses taken as M.Ed. electives would transfer. Students would then complete the remaining three courses required to complete the program and apply to the GaPSC for Tier I certification. In the state of Georgia, Tier I certification is a pre-requisite for receiving Tier II, or advanced level certification. Tier II certification in Educational Leadership is required for positions that include P-12 school level principals or the equivalent, superintendents, or other district staff who supervise principals.

    ** If you think your future plans might include school or district leadership, this option gives you a 3-course advance start!

    For more information about Tier 1 and Tier II Leadership Certifications, contact Dr. Ugena Whitlock atrwhitlo3@kennesaw.edu or Dr. Nicholas Clegorne at nclegorn@kennesaw.edu

    For information about 3 electives that will lead toward Tier I Leadership Certification Only Option, contact Dr. Albert Jimenez at ajimen17@kennesaw.edu

    Please see the Admission Requirements for Tier II Certification Only at here

    Tier I Option Elective Schedule (Suggested): All Classes Fully Online!

    • Summer: EDL 7201 - Leading Curriculum and Assessment
    • Fall: EDL 7401 - Instructional Leadership for Learning & Change
    • Spring: EDL 7315 - Data Analysis for School Leaders
  • The Graduate Certificate in Special Education is designed to offer graduate courses in instruction, assessment, and positive behavior supports, which provide educators with the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to meet the needs of students with dis abilities. Courses which apply to the certificate focus on effective use of evidence-based/research-supported practices and concepts underlying the successful academic experiences and needs of this diverse population. The three classes that will lead to the certificate are below. The three courses will appear on your KSU transcript under Graduate Certificate of Special Education. 

    • Summer: INED 7761 - Instructional Approaches I
    • Fall: INED 7730 - Assessment of Diverse Learners
    • Spring: INED 7720 - Positive Behavior Management Strategies
    For more information, please contact Dr. Joya Hicks at jcarterh@kennesaw.edu.