M.Ed. in Elementary Education with Endorsements & Certifications


Program Overview

Early Childhood of Education Award

The M.Ed. in Elementary and Early Childhood Education is designed for candidates who are already certified Early Childhood Education teachers who wish to continue to learn more about the Early Childhood Education field and improve their practice. The program allows certified teachers in Elementary education (P-5) to earn their M.Ed. in 13 months while continuing their teaching career.

Program Description

The program is offered online. Each cohort is supported by graduate faculty who mentor the candidates and facilitate program delivery. The program of study schedule is designed to coincide with the public school calendar and is provided in advance so teachers can coordinate educational and personal commitments with program requirements.

Important features of the M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education

  • Fully online
  • No face to face classes
  • Completed in 4 semesters

In addition to completing requirements for the M.Ed., candidates also earn an additional endorsement or KSU certificate, further enhancing their marketability in the teaching profession. Opportunities for endorsement or certification include:

  • Reading Endorsement
  • ESOL Endorsement
  • Gifted Endorsement
  • Online Teaching Endorsement
  • Teacher Leadership Endorsement
  • Special Education Certificate
  • Pathway to Tier 1 Leadership Certification

Program of Study

Students take three courses per semester over the course of four semesters. These courses include:

Summer, Semester 1: 

  • ECE 7511 Trends and Issues in Educational Inquiry in Elementary & Early Childhood Education
  • ECE 7514 Curriculum and Pedagogy for Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms
  • Elective for Endorsement or Certificate Purposes

Fall, Semester 2: 

  • ECE 7513 Educational Equity in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms
  • ECE 7531 Reflective Inquiry for Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms
  • Elective for Endorsement or Certificate Purposes

Spring, Semester 3:

  • ECE 7543 Professional Application of Inquiry for Elementary and Early Childhood Educators
  • ECE 7525 Teaching Number, Operations & Algebraic Thinking
  • Elective for Endorsement or Certificate Purposes 

Summer, Semester 4:

  • ECE 7706 Trends and Issues in Science for Elementary EducationEarly Childhood Education
  • ECE 7704 Trends and Issues in Literacy Education for Elementary Education
  • ECE 7707 Trends and Issues in Social Studies for Elementary Education

    Note: If you do Gifted Endorsement, one elective course for semester 4.

How do I Apply

Please read:
Applicants must have completed and passed all certifying tests or exams that qualify them for a teaching certificate (001 & 002 for ECE or 005 & 006 for Birth-Kindergarten). The minimum certification level for consideration for admission is a T4 certificate. Applicants must have a teaching certificate in their possession or have fulfilled all requirements--including passing all certifying tests--to earn the clear, renewable teaching certificate. Applicants waiting on paperwork in order to get their teaching certificates must prove that they are eligible for certification and be able to establish that they will have their teaching certificate documents prior to the end of their first semester in the program, if they are accepted into the program. Any M.Ed. students who do not have their teaching certificate by the end of the first semester of the program will be administratively withdrawn from their courses.

  1. Complete the On-line Graduate Application
    Please note that GRE is NOT an admission requirement for this program. The application above is general to all graduate programs, some of which do require GRE. This program is not one of them.
  2. Obtain and submit official transcripts from EACH college attended, including those institutions where degrees were NOT earned. Official transcripts are those in a university sealed envelope. Your transcripts should reflect at least a Bachelor's degree with at least a 2.75 GPA (on a 4.0 scale).
  3. Obtain and submit a copy of your clear, renewable Teaching Certificate P-5 or Birth-Kindergarten ORproof of ALL PASSED GACE exams (Basic and 001 & 002 or 005 & 006). You must hold certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education or Birth-Kindergarten Education to be considered for this program. To print a copy of your Georgia clear, renewable certificate, you may log onto www.gapsc.com
  4. Obtain and submit Personal Profile (directions provided in form).
  5. Obtain and submit TWO Administrator Recommendation Forms
    • These forms and their directions are located in the online graduate application above.
      Please do not submit letters of recommendation. Only the forms located via the graduate application will be accepted. These two forms of recommendation MUST come from a Principal, an Assistant Principal, or a Teacher Administrator; such as a Grade-Level Chair or Instructional Lead Teacher OR University Faculty members/Administrators.  
  6. Obtain and submit Personal Statement (form provided).
  7. Obtain and submit Letter of Commitment (form provided).
  8. International Applicants Only:  Please contact 770-499-3002 for all international admission requirements related to your citizenship or visa status OR link to the Graduate International Admissions page: http://graduate.kennesaw.edu/admissions/apply/international-students.php

Only Completed Application Packets will be considered for admissions. Please send your materials to:

Kennesaw State University
Office of Graduate Admissions
3391 Town Point Drive, MD9109
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144.5591


Summer, April 1st 

Contact Us

For additional information about our program, please contact Jinhee Kim , M.Ed. Program Coordinator.