M.Ed. Teacher Leadership

Program Description

The Masters in Teacher Leadership (M.Ed.) at Kennesaw State University is a professional degree program for currently practicing educators. The program is a thirty-six (36) hour program, and is delivered in an “online” format.

Unlocking Many Pathways:
The Master’s Degree in Teacher Leadership is designed to improve the practice of classroom educators while preparing them for many possible professional futures. The degree is conceptualized as the “ultimate grade chair” degree, but one opening many doors beyond that role. Candidates who wish to pursue more formalized leadership positions (such as assistant principal or principal) will leave the program eligible to hold non-renewable leadership certification (NPL) and eligible to enter an EDS program in Educational Leadership without completing an additional six (6) hour leadership preservice. Additionally, should candidates elect to remain in an instructional role, they may choose to pursue EDS degrees in curriculum & instruction, instructional technology, or many other fields.


Program of Study - 36 Hours

30 Hours Core
Data Analysis & School Improvement
EDL 7500 Education Law and Ethics
EDL 7100 Leadership Theory and Practice.
ITEC 7465 Professional Learning in Schools
ITEC 7400 21st Century Teaching and Learning
INED 7785 Curriculum & Instruction for Teacher Leaders
EDAD 8200 Supervision, Coaching, and Mentoring
EDUC 7990 Residency & Capstone
EDUC 7725 Best Practices in Teaching and Learning
EDUC 7741 Research

Guided Electives (6 Hours)
Electives in an educator’s content field or content field pedagogy


April 1 for Summer consideration - ALL documents must be submitted by deadline date .

Contact Us

For admissions information please contact GradEd@kennesaw.edu.
For additional program information please contact Dr. Raynice Jean-Sigur at rjeansig@kennesaw.edu.