Student Ambassadors

Bagwell College of Education Ambassador ProgramThe mission of the Student Ambassadors program is to develop student leaders who serve as official hosts of the Bagwell College of Education facilitating events, promoting student engagement, and supporting student success through community outreach and recruitment.

Students will be selected to represent the Bagwell College of Education as Student Ambassadors and serve as hosts at a variety of College- and University-sponsored events, such as career days, recruiting activities, alumni functions, special visitation days, high school student activities, seminars, and receptions. Student Ambassadors engage with potential students, alumni, donors, and community members and play a key role in fostering relationships and promoting a positive, caring, diverse and inclusive culture in the Bagwell College of Education.

Student Ambassadors will:

  • Facilitate Bagwell College of Education orientation activities
  • Give building tours in the Bagwell College of Education
  • Meet with prospective students
  • Support outreach and recruitment initiatives
  • Provide support at Bagwell events such as open houses, welcome-back events, and other honors and recognition ceremonies
  • Engage in promotional social media projects

Student Ambassadors are required to attend monthly meetings during fall and spring semesters, attend a fall retreat in August to plan for the year, and assist with various events throughout the year. 

Why Serve?

As a Student Ambassador you will develop leadership, communication, and networking skills that will serve you well throughout your educational career. You will receive training and learn all about the resources and facilities available to students at KSU and in the Bagwell College of Education. This position will be an excellent addition to your resume. You will also receive KSU swag to wear when representing the university. Student Ambassadors are well-respected leaders in the college and will have opportunities to provide valuable feedback to college administrators on various topics impacting KSU and the Bagwell College of Education.

How Are Student Ambassadors Chosen?

Each year, outstanding undergraduates are chosen to be the primary student communicators for the Bagwell College of Education and to develop their leadership abilities for future professional education roles. Ambassadors are selected based on their academic performance, personal statement, recommendations, communication and interpersonal skills, and leadership potential.

Who is Eligible?

  • Undergraduate education or education-interest students enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours
  • 2.75 minimum grade point average
  • Enrolled in the university at least one semester
  • At least two semesters (fall and spring) remaining before graduation
  • A commitment to positively promote the Bagwell College of Education

What Do I Need to Apply?

  • A completed application
  • Personal Statement – 3 page limit (single spaced), 12-point font
    • Why do you wish to be involved in the Student Ambassador program?
    • What qualities do you have to contribute to the program?
    • What does commitment to the program and to the other student ambassadors mean to you?
    • What would you like to learn from the program?
    • What are your academic interests and future plans?
    • What is your favorite thing about the Bagwell College of Education?
  • Two Letters of Recommendations
    • Please upload two letters of recommendations. Recommendations should be from faculty, staff, employers, or others who are familiar with your activities, academic performance, and ability to communicate.

How Can I Learn More?

For questions about the Bagwell College of Education Student Ambassador program, please email Dr. Raynice Jean-Sigur at .


Please access the application here. Application will remain open until all ambassador slots are filled.

2023-2024 Student Ambassadors

  • Meet the Team
  • Abigail McGehee

    Abigail McGehee

    Abigail McGehee is a third-year elementary education major from Waleska, Georgia. She loves the college because of its eclectic community of students, staff, and faculty. She says it’s important for education majors to be flexible and open minded, and not afraid to step outside of their comfort zones.

    Vi Tran Huynh

    Vi Tran Huynh

    Vi Tran Huynh, a junior with a major in Elementary Education and minor in Spanish, is from Vietnam, but was raised in Gainesville, Georgia. The Bagwell College of Education holds a special place in her heart as it has opened up new opportunities for community, support, and given her a diverse space to nourish her pursuit of education. Vi believes that it is important to take initiative in your goals and explore the myriad of opportunities Kennesaw offers in fostering your ambitions and interests.

  • Ahniya Taylor

    Ahniya Taylor

    Ahniya Taylor originating in Norcross, Georgia, Ahniya Taylor is a second year focusing in Elementary Education. She loves the benevolence, welcomeness, and love everyone shows when you meet everyone in the college. Best advice from her is to take chances, practice leads to success, and to be authentic self, you are loved for you!!

  • Angenie GeDeon

    Angenie GeDeon

    Angenie GeDeon is a sophomore majoring in Art Education from Douglasville, Georgia. Her favorite part about this college is the comforting environment, as well as immense support and love received from students, staff, and faculty.  Her advice is college can be incredibly difficult but getting involved and creating connections pushes you to grow and create meaningful memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Aria LaTour 

    Aria LaTour 

    Aria LaTour is a second-year elementary education major from Douglasville, Georgia. She loves the kindness and endless support that the Bagwell College has for its students. Her advice for students is that they should not be afraid to push themselves, because they will always be rewarded for their hard work.

  • Atiyyah Sanders

    Atiyyah Sanders

    Atiyyah Sanders is a third-year elementary education major from Lithonia, Georgia. She loves the Bagwell College of Education because of the support that she receives from students, staff, and faculty. Her advice to new coming students is to not be afraid to explore our campus, make new friends, ask questions, and get involved in our campus community

  • Elizabeth Ellis

    Elizabeth Ellis

    Elizabeth Ellis is a fourth-year middle grades education major from Kennesaw, Georgia.  She loves Bagwell College of Education because of how welcoming and supportive the college has been in addition to collaborating with students as a whole.  Her advice would be to try new things and get to know as many people as possible.

  • Destini Clark 

    Destini Clark

    Destini Clark is a Junior Elementary Education major from Snellville, Georgia. She loves BCOE because of her amazing peers and professors throughout her journey of being an education major. She also loves BCOE because of the amazing opportunities it has to offer to its students. Her advice to newcomers is to always think outside the box and try something new! 

  • Jamison Phillips

    Jamison Phillips 

    Jamison Phillips is a third-year history education major from Newnan, Georgia.  He loves how the faculty and his fellow peers are very supportive.  He stated that he has watched people change tremendously with the help of Kennesaw State University.  His advice to upcoming students would be never to be afraid of failure, for it is through failure that we learn the most.

  • Jason Simon

    Jason Simon

    Jason Simon is a third-year Middle Grades Education major, with concentrations in Social Studies and Math from Marietta, Georgia. He is also earning his minor in History. He loves the college because of its supportive community, where he has found many close friends. He says students should be curious and ask as many questions as possible.

  • Jay Lovett

    Jay Lovett

    Jay Lovett is a second-year elementary education major from Soperton, Georgia. He is in the Call Me Mister Organization and serves as the 2023-2024 Social and Community Coordinator for Black Teachers Matter. He loves the Bagwell College, because it allows individuals from different backgrounds to network with people who have a common goal to educate young people who will one day influence our world. 
  • Ky Miller 

    Ky Miller 

    Ky Miller is a third-year secondary math education major from Conyers, Georgia. She loves the college because of its supportive community and friendly environment. Her advice to newcomers is to network on campus, be open to new opportunities that will arise, and to not stress if things don’t go to plan.

  • Mariyah Richardson

    Mariyah Richardson 

    Mariyah Richardson is a third-year elementary education major from Stone Mountain, Georgia. She loves the college because of how helpful and attentive the advisors are. Her advice to students is to never be afraid to be yourself and try new experiences.

  • Kaci Queen

    Kaci Queen

    Kaci Queen is a third year Middle Grades Mathematics and Language Arts major originally from Dalton, GA. She loves the Bagwell College for its amazing and supportive community from fellow students, professors, and staff members, all the way up to Dean Epps. Her advice would be to spend time taking advantage of the wonderful resources for teachers in Bagwell and set aside time to build long-lasting relationships within your cohort!
  • Morgan Beard

    Morgan Beard

    Morgan Beard is a third-year Elementary Education major from Augusta, Georgia. She loves the Bagwell College of Education because of all the resources they provide for future teachers and how helpful the staff is. Her advice for new students would be try not to procrastinate and enjoy all the opportunities college offers.

  • Ashley Williams

    Ashley Williams

    Ashley Williams is a third-year elementary education major minoring in psychology from Newnan, Ga. She enjoys being a part of the Bagwell College of Education program because of the care and support the professors and advisors give. Her advice to you all is to plan time to work on assignments and plan time to take care of yourself. Your personal health is important in order to do your best in the classroom.

  • Brittni Bivins


    Brittni Bivins 

    Brittni Bivins is a junior elementary- education major from Covington, Georgia. She loves the hands-on experience as well as the support and accommodation the college provides. Her advice to upcoming students of the college would be to be willing to grow and stretched by the process and always look at the bright side of things!

    Brenda Villa

    Brenda Villa

    From Snellville, Georgia, Brenda Villa is a senior studying Elementary Education. She loves to be in touch with her culture and wants to create a classroom for her students to feel represented. Her advice to fellow teachers is to keep an open heart and mind, for you never know how you can impact a student.