Program Courses Requiring Field Experiences

Our goal as an educator preparation provider (EPP), is to establish strong partnerships with school districts and individual school partners, as well as other community stake holders, in order to pursue mutually beneficial and agreed upon goals for the preparation of education professionals. These collaborative partnerships are a shared endeavor meant to focus dually on the improvement of student learning and development and on the preparation of teachers for this goal. The partners shall work together to determine not only the values and expectations of program development, implementation, assessment, and continuous improvement, but also the division of responsibilities among the various partnership stakeholders. Characteristics of effective partnerships include: mutual trust and respect; sufficient time to develop and strengthen relationships at all levels; shared responsibility and accountability among partners, and periodic formative evaluation of activities among partners. Darling-Hammond and Baratz-Snowden call for strong relationships between universities and schools to share standards of good teacher that are consistent across courses and clinical work. This relationship could apply, as well, to all providers. The 2010 NCATE panel proposed partnerships that are strategic in meeting partners' needs by defining common work, shared responsibility, authority, and accountability.

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