Foundation Courses

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    For additional information, please contact the course coordinator, Dr. Megan Adams.

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    For additional information, please contact the course coordinator, Dr. Amanda Richey.

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Placement Information

Field Experience Placement for EDUC 2110

Each face-to-face section of EDUC 2110 will be placed at assigned schools. Instructors/placement coordinator will notify students about which school to attend. Students are required to obtain student liability insurance and pass a criminal background check.  

Field Experience sign-up for EDUC 2120
Placements are conducted by GivePlus. Please go to GivePlus page for additional information. Students are required to obtain student liability insurance and pass a criminal background check.  

Field Experience for EDUC 2130
Please reference your course syllabus for details. For additional information, contact your instructor.

Student Liability Insurance/Background Checks for EDUC 2110 and EDUC 2120

(NOTE: All field experience courses require current liability insurance. Follow directions for Part 1 to Step 3 only.)

All partnership school systems require a clear criminal history and one million dollars of liability insurance before placing a student in a school for a field experience. It is the responsibility of the KSU student to acquire a criminal history clearance and insurance coverage in order to participate in the field experience.

Part 1: Sign Up for Liability Insurance

Step 1: Select your Student Liability Insurance Options

SPAGE costs $15.00 per year from purchase date.
GAE costs $18.00 per membership year that always ends on Aug. 31.

Step 2: Sign up for Student Liability Insurance

Student Professional Association of Georgia Educator (SPAGE)Click here for
Select Join PAGE > JOIN-New members join here > Fill out the form and submit

Student Membership in Georgia Association of Educators (GAE)Click here for
Select Membership & Administrative Services > Joining the Georgia Association of Educators > Membership forms and Process > Scroll to - Membership Forms and Process - JOIN NOW>Scroll to Options to Join GAE Aspiring Educators

Step 3: Save or print your membership card/proof of insurance letter. Copy must show membership number and expiration date. (Field course students should email a copy of the insurance to

Step 4: Complete Personal Affirmation form

  • After acquiring your insurance, save a copy of your liability insurance proof and send copy to:
  • To fill out the Personal Affirmation form via DocuSign, select the link below. Fill out completely and select "Finish." Do not save blank form to fill out later – your information will not be saved.
  • Personal Affirmation form

Directions to complete the form via DocuSign:

Select the Personal Affirmation form link above to go to the DocuSign form.
Fill in your name and email address and click “Begin Signing”. > Click continue.
Select “Start” to be directed to the first field.
Fill in all required fields and click “sign”. > Click “Finish”.
A copy of the completed signed document will be sent to email address you provided.
To save the completed document, select the down arrow located at the top of the document window. > Select combined PDF.

NOTE: [DocuSign is used as a tool to help students fill out and save these forms online without printing and scanning. Personal Affirmation forms are collected on the DocuSign site. ] 

Step 5: Save completed Liability Insurance proof and Personal Affirmation form on your device.

To complete this form manually, select the link: Personal Affirmation form

Part 1 Check list
☐ Purchased liability insurance – SPAGE or GAE.
☐ Saved or printed membership card or proof of insurance.
☐ Completed personal affirmation form via DocuSign.
☐ Saved completed liability insurance proof

Part 2: Ordering your Background Check

The background check information below pertains to foundation course background checks only. Birth to Kindergarten and Elementary Education courses require background checks through Bright from the Start. Visit the CEPP office or email to begin the Bright from the Start background check process.

Please Note: Some partnership school districts require their own background checks. All additional costs are to be covered by the student. Atlanta Public Schools and Dekalb County Schools require teacher candidates to be fingerprinted and processed through the district’s department of Public Safety. There is an additional cost of the criminal background check is $45.00. Please bring cash or a money order. Checks are not accepted. 


To Create an Account

• Go to
• Click Register
• Click Students and fill out required fields
• Click on the link in the email sent to you from Advantage Students to validate your email address

To Place an Order

Once logged into your Advantage Students account
• Click the green Get Started box
• Click the Affiliated Schools box
• Select Kennesaw State University from the School drop-down list
• Select Bagwell College of Education from the Program drop-down list
• Select the Student Background Check package from the Package drop-down list
• Place your order by entering all required information and certify that your information is correct

Order Status: After the request is underway, you can log into the site to view your profile progress. Simply click the status link to view the profile. You will be notified by email when your background check is complete.
Sharing Results: Your report will automatically share with the school once you have placed your order, if you selected one in the beginning of your order process. Once your order has completed you can share the results with any additional organizations, schools, by click on the Review to Share box in your
Advantage Students account and then click on the share icon seen below.

For further assistance, please contact the Advantage Students Team:
770.984.2727, option 3

Part 2 Check list
☐ Prepared and collected information for background check. (Social Security number and method of payment.)
☐ Ordered background check from Advantage Students.
☐ Completed personal affirmation form via DocuSign.
☐ Saved and sent liability insurance proof to
☐ Completed personal affirmation form via DocuSign.

For any questions or assistance, contact: