Pre-service Co-teaching

Over the past several years, members of the teacher education faculty at KSU have worked in collaboration with educators in our local school districts to design, develop, implement, and evaluate an innovative model of clinical practices reflective of the Educator Preparation Provider's theme: Collaborative Development of Expertise in Teaching and Learning. Pre-service co-teaching provides the infrastructure during clinical practice for experienced and prospective teachers to collaboratively plan, deliver, and assess instruction, without required the experienced teacher to relinquish their classroom.

Throughout the clinical experience, the co-teachers engage in collaborative dialogue as they co-plan instruction, co-assess student engagement and performance, co-reflect upon teaching and learning, and co-generate solutions to problems of practice. PSCT provides the vehicle for classroom teachers to as as mentor models for teacher candidates, thereby, providing continuous, and often instantaneous feedback and modeling of teaching, assessment, and classroom management strategies.

During the first semester of clinical practice, the candidate and collaborating teacher will attend a face-to-face professional development session, A Partnership Approach to Pre-service Co-teaching, designed to assist the co-teacher in honing their skills in collaborating and co-teaching.