GACE Content Assessment FAQ

    • Test of content skills competencies in specific certification fields
    • Required for certification in the state of Georgia
    • Each exam consists of multiple choice and may include a constructed response question
  • Each content area consists of 2 exams, except for middle grades individual subject/concentrations and Latin. For example: if an individual holds a degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, this individual must pass GACE exams code 001 & 002, or combined exam 501, in order to satisfy the content assessment requirement and be eligible for certification in the state of Georgia. Another example: if an individual graduates with a degree in Middle Grades Education with a concentration in MG Math and MG Science, this individual must pass MG Math GACE exam code 013 & MG Science GACE exam code 014 in order to be certified in both fields. Please refer to the list of exams and their related fields on the GACE website.

    • Everyone completing an initial certification degree program must attempt the GACE Content exams, associated with their degree field, prior to graduation
    • Anyone seeking certification in the state of Georgia must apps the GACE Content exams associated with their field of certification
    • Anyone wishing to transfer their teaching certification to the state of Georgia and who does not have documentation of a content exam in their original state of certification
    • 220 is the passing score requirement for all GACE content exams
    • Register online at the GACE Registration website
    • Test dates are provided on the GACE website
    • Test dates are valid for all testing facilities worldwide
    • Test scores take 1-3 weeks to report, so plan accordingly
    • Visit the GACE website for locations worldwide
    • Fees are based upon the number of exams registered for on each given test date
    • Please visit the GACE "fees" website for more information
  • GACE and ETS do not currently offer fee waivers