Hannah Hyder Success Story

Hannah HyderMy name is Hannah Hyder and I am a junior here at Kennesaw. I major in elementary education. Iʼm currently the senator in SGA for the college of Bagwell. Before enrolling into Kennesaw, I earned my associates of Science degree at a previous institution in 2019. Quite honestly, I was satisfied with that. I was pretty much over school. I didnʼt want any more school or so I thought . However, I became pregnant, and I knew I had to keep going because I wanted to better my position in life to support my son . With that being said, just three weeks after having my baby boy, who actually came two months earlier than expected, I started at Kennesaw, online in August 2020. 

Being a new mom, especially during a pandemic, and being a student has been nothing short of challenging . Not to mention, Iʼm a full time infant teacher at a private school. Yes, I have a small village that helps me from time to time. But I like to remind myself that they have lives too. Time management and rest is key in my life. I believe Iʼm built for this , and Iʼm fully committed to becoming the best version of myself.

My Advice

Become your own cheerleader ! Root for you, be you, and never wait on anyone. Be optimistic about each day that you wake up to see because youʼve never saw it before . So make it your own!